The backbone of all economies worldwide is small businesses and just like big business, they are affected by large financial changes that happen. On the odd occasion, there are big trends and movements which in themselves are obscure. But, they have the potential to be highly influential in the everyday business of small companies. Bitcoins are just a change like that. A relatively new concept but it may or may not last. It does, however, have the possibility to change the face of how we forever exchange our money.

It’s still probably a long way off before Bitcoins affect the day to day business activities of small shops around the country, however, what will it look like when it finally does arrive? What is it going to look like? Are we going to be using our mobile devices to make purchases instead of using a credit card or cash that are attached to the financial institutions? Are we going to be using a Bitcoin-backed credit card system? What about business loans? Are they going to be paid out in Bitcoins?
Speculations abound about this topic of cryptocurrency. As with all things, all the information out there is either not true or widely exaggerated. However, there is one thing that is known for sure. We have to watch this trend and stay on top of it, for the simple reason that it may become mainstream quicker than we imagine.