The cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency trading world are full of excitement, intrigue, and possibilities to make a huge amount of money. However, it can be a bit difficult to get to grips with it especially for those that are not familiar with the markets and the intricacies of trading.

Here, we are going to provide you with some advice and share with you our top tips to trade cryptocurrencies online since we cannot teach you everything about cryptocurrency trading, much in the same way that we cannot guarantee you will make a hefty profit. However, adhering to these tips will widen your scope about cryptocurrency trading and the online cloud computing system.

What Is Cryptocurrency and What Is Cryptocurrency Trading?

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital money that is encrypted with cryptography which is mined or procured through solving cryptographic problems. This currency has real-life value and can be used to buy products, commercial real estate for sale, as well as exchanged for Dollar, Euros or other cryptocurrencies. Similar to fiat trading, these digital assets can be traded same way and can also be exchanged for fiat currencies, or other digital currencies/ altcoins depending on your choice at the performance of the exchange rates.

Savvy trading of cryptocurrencies can result in significant profits in the same way that forex works. However, you have to remember that you can also make a loss if you go into it without knowing what you are doing.

What Makes Cryptocurrency Trading Different to Traditional Forex Trading?

Foreign Exchange Market also known as Forex is the world’s centre for the exchanging of fiat currencies.

The health of a currency is predicted by forex trader with the aim to exploit its volatility in exchange rates with other world currencies with the motive of profit making. The more the value of money varies, the bigger the profit and risk.

The traders make use of the history of currencies together with the world events and news to predict whether the value will go up or down when pitted against another.

The same principle is what cryptocurrency was built on with the aim of exchanging a cryptocurrency for another currency. However, cryptocurrencies tend to have a high rate of volatility as well as other factors which drive the pricing that differ substantially from Forex due to the fact they are decentralised and unregulated.

Forex the control is more to governments and issuing authorities but the algorithm of digital currencies increases and decreases the inflation and value of a coin.

Traditional currencies do not have limited supply whereas digital currencies have a limited supply which is one of the factors that significantly influence cryptocurrencies. Similarly, the demand of cryptocurrencies is not something which is consistent because there are series of factors such as public popularity and adoption that can affect the value of a particular coin


The key to a successful cryptocurrency trading is:

  1. Remember to have fun
  2. Set yourself some limits and don’t exceed them
  3. Always carry out your research

Don’t be carried away with cryptocurrencies as most people often do since they have forgotten cryptocurrencies have a real-life value which made them sometimes behave in a way that those not reflect this. You are able to use it for a number of things such as in the business industry with office leasing or purchasing shares and investments.

Listed below are suggestions to keep you secure when coping with cryptocurrency exchanges:

  • Utilize a brand new computer for install and trading reliable antivirus program. Apply operating system patches and anti-virus definition updates the moment they’re released. Additionally back up your data on offline storage websites on a regular basis.
  • Once you enroll with a market support, utilize Google Authenticator with just a single IP address whitelisted.
  • Empower two-factor authentication for logging into.
  • Utilize a VPN (virtual private network) solution for trading and personal communications. (This trick is very relevant once you’re running transactions with a badly bonded public Wi-Fi as a VPN leaves man-in-the-middle strikes useless.)
  • Refrain from publicly mentioning your own personal email. Exchange services generally submit notifications to a registered email ID if you buy or market cryptocurrency. By minding your email accounts, attackers can monitor your trades and possibly gain unauthorized access to a crypto wallets.
  • Shield your email account using a powerful password comprising uppercase and lowercase letters and special characters. Multi-factor authentication will include an excess layer of protection to your email address. Remember that the overwhelming bulk of cryptocurrency-related hacks are achieved by compromising an individual’s email.
  • Utilize your smartphone sensibly. It may be a fantastic idea to acquire a separate cell phone exclusively for trading. In addition, do not run transactions from a smartphone with several apps. By hacking those programs, cyber crooks could get sufficient privileges to access your personal data and blackmail you.
  • Don’t maintain your cryptocurrency on trades whenever you aren’t actively trading. You’re far better off keeping your very own digital money in cold storage.

If you are having any issues you can always contact it consultants in Melbourne to give you a hand.